Financial Well-Being & Career Growth

Financial Well-Being


After 1 year of employment with at least 1000 hours, Schmitt Woodland Hills will match half of employee’s contribution of up to 2% of employee’s salaries.  Enrollment times are March, June, September, and December of each year.

Wages and Differentials

Schmitt Woodland Hills pays very competitive wages.  We also pay extremely higher differentials than most facilities in our area for our Nurses.  Please contact us for additional information on this.

Career Growth

We at Schmitt Woodland Hills believe in the philosophy of the “Grow Your Own Program”. We believe strongly in helping and allowing our staff to grow with us and to climb the career ladder with us.  We encourage staff to grow with us at Schmitt in their career life as well as at home in their personal lives.

We have several scholarship programs available to our employees to encourage them to complete CNA Certificates and various nursing degrees. Additional information available upon request.

Join our family, grow with our family, and you will remain part of our family no matter where your endeavors lead.