Covid-19 Weekend Update for June 26, 2020

Still Staying Vigilant So…….

Everyone at Schmitt Woodland Hills Can Stay Well

 Recently, we have had several inquiries about additional testing for staff members. There has been quite a bit of talk in the media about requiring additional or more regular testing for the COVID-19 virus among health care workers, especially those in long-term care facilities which deal almost exclusively with senior citizens. So far, no definitive guideline has been established. The proposal that seems to be gaining the most traction has been one which would see our staffs being tested every 14 days. But so far, no guideline has been issued so it is a “wait and see” proposition for us. We will keep this on our radar and report back to you if anything should change.

 A while back we issued a statement that said family members would be allowed to grocery shop for their loved ones. This is a reminder that this change only applies to our apartment residents. The reason this only applies to apartment residents is that throughout the rest of the SWH community, Westview and the Health Center, all meals are provided to the residents. Many of the apartment residents still cook at least some of their meals, so having a consistent supply of grocery items is essential for them.

 Just this week the news has been full of the stories about the increased numbered of cases of COVID-19 in Florida, Texas and California. To varying degrees, these states have reconsidered all or parts of their decisions to re-open their states. Cases have shown a dramatic rise in these states and we can’t let that happen her in our state and in Richland County. We must not let our guard down. The quote we posted last Friday is truer today than it was a week ago when we first posted it.

 “We have entered the most dangerous part of this pandemic. We are all tired of physical isolation. THE VIRUS IS NOT TIRED!”